FRP Coating & Lining

We are the leading fiberglass engineering works manufacturer with superior expertise in designing and building according to your needs. The FRP lining and coating from FRP Trading can be used abundantly in industries for a variety of purposes, with highly capable of resisting adverse conditions. Our works have been built through by providing you with unmatched quality that is second to none in this industry.


FRP coating and lining is a superior coating and lining system that formed by thermosetting resins that raise the durability and safety of fibreglass by lining inside of piping systems in chemical storage tanks, cooling tower and other types of industrial process equipment.

The coating of FRP that manufactured by FRP Trading also provides superior performance over other materials. When fibreglass is used in combination with polyester resin, the lifetime of the coating will become much more extensive and higher resistant to corrosion.

We have adopted the practice of FRP coating exterior properties that make it able to withstand the adverse and hostile condition of an industrial environment. We only manufacture excellent coating that is used extensively in industries for various purposes.


FRP Lining is a resin lining that made to raise the safety and durability by lining the interior of the steel tank, storage tanks, water tanks and cooling tower with Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP).

Our FRP lining provides the strength that resistant to corrosion and leak-proof that comes with quality craftsmanship which available at cost-effective prices. It provides the durability and strength that is not affected by the structural imperfections, which can happen. After applying the FRP lining, the tank will have tank would have a similar strength as the FRP coated tank that is installed inside.

FRP is undoubtedly poised as the modern-day material that genuinely due to its superiority in terms of its flexibility characteristic, commendable thermo-mechanical and corrosion-resistant properties. You can easily comprehend the usefulness of FRP as it can be customized into a multifaceted design that able to meet your need in the industry.


We strive to provide our customers with excellent quality work and pay specific attention to detail.