Fiberglass Custom Made Sculpture

We are the leading suppliers of custom made fiberglass sculpture in Malaysia. Remember you cannot do art unless you have the talent and passion. FRP Trading Sdn.Bhd has employed the best talent within the region. We aspire to deliver the best three-dimension art within the region. One attribute that can excite you about art is that it should resemble the real object.


The process we use in manufacturing the sculpture ensures durability

We value your hard-earned income and this is why we strive to maximize the quality of our products. We don’t want to give you a sculpture that will break down after a short period. FRP Trading Sdn. Bhd will also design unique products that meet different customer needs. We can listen to you and deliver exactly what you are looking for. Our primary intention is to bring your dreams into reality.


We strive to provide our customers with excellent quality work and pay specific attention to detail.