An international FRP manufacturer, architects, planners and designers specialising in a wide range of fiberglass projects.

We have a highly skilled and talented staff that will deliver the exact design that you are looking for in any of our products. With over 15 years of experience, we have all it takes to give the best to the market.


One thing you will love with fiberglass is that you don’t need to do things in the traditional way. You can check with us if you want unique designs of furniture for your home or office. You will find some of the design that you have never seen anywhere in our office. The other thing is that we can be able to make unique design that just meet your personal needs.



We have an innovative team that puts together their skills and experience to deliver unique inground pool solutions. Given that we are the original manufacturers, you can be sure of getting these accessories at a customer friendly price. Our inground pool kit will ensure that your pool will last for a long period. The solutions range from installation rods, hex key, tamping tool, springs and anchors just to name a few. All of them come in various sizes depending on your consumption needs. You can visit the gallery section to have a view of some of these excellent products.



Adult equipment should be stronger and sturdy than the ones meant for children. There is no worry because we manufacture different sizes and styles. We also decorate them according to your desire. Children may require sliding equipment that have striking colors. We are flexible enough to deliver what the customer desires.



We are the leading suppliers of custom made sculpture within Malaysia. Remember you cannot do art unless you have the talent and passion. FRP Trading Sdn.Bhd has employed the best talent within the region. We aspire to deliver the best three-dimension art within the region. One attribute that can excite you about art is that it should resemble the real object.


FRP Coating & Lining

What is FRP Coating?

FRP coating and lining is a superior coating and lining system that formed by thermosetting resins that raise the durability and safety of fibreglass by lining inside of piping systems in chemical storage tanks, cooling tower and other types of industrial process equipment.

The coating of FRP that manufactured by FRP Trading also provides superior performance over other materials. When fibreglass is used in combination with polyester resin, the lifetime of the coating will become much more extensive and higher resistant to corrosion.

We have adopted the practice of FRP coating exterior properties that make it able to withstand the adverse and hostile condition of an industrial environment. We only manufacture excellent coating that is used extensively in industries for various purposes.

What is FRP Lining?

FRP Lining is a resin lining that made to raise the safety and durability by lining the interior of the steel tank, storage tanks, water tanks and cooling tower with Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP).

Our FRP lining provides the strength that resistant to corrosion and leak-proof that comes with quality craftsmanship which available at cost-effective prices. It provides the durability and strength that is not affected by the structural imperfections, which can happen. After applying the FRP lining, the tank will have tank would have a similar strength as the FRP coated tank that is installed inside.

FRP is undoubtedly poised as the modern-day material that genuinely due to its superiority in terms of its flexibility characteristic, commendable thermo-mechanical and corrosion-resistant properties. You can easily comprehend the usefulness of FRP as it can be customized into a multifaceted design that able to meet your need in the industry.